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Sunny's Journey

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Taking the Plunge

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Since my last update Sunny has continued to do well.  Everything is pretty much back to normal as far as he is concerned.  The only thing Sunny isn’t sure about doing is going up the stairs which is understandable.  Currently if we put his ruff wear harness on he will try with our assistance, but its obvious he doesn’t feel comfortable doing it on his own.  I’m sure with time though his confidence will build.  His appetite is also still not back up to his pre-surgery levels and I’m not totally sure why.  I think it may be a protest on some level because we cut him off of the wet food.  We are getting very close to his full amount though of dry food so I’m not too concerned.

Yesterday we started his rehab at GVR where he will be swimming once a week!  This was the first time as far as we know that Sunny has been swimming unless he used to go before we adopted him.  At first he didn’t really seem to know what to make of it but he did really well overall.  Towards the end he was trying to splash the water so he could catch it in his mouth so I like to think he had fun.  It can be hard to tell with him.  He can be so timid at first anytime we meet anyone new or he is a new situation.  It took until about half way through the session until he seemed to relax.  Hopefully with further visits Sunny will become more relaxed and just enjoy it.  In total yesterday he swam for about 15 minutes.  Eventually it will be increased, but since it was his first session they wanted to keep it short so he didn’t overexert himself.  The hope though is that he will continue to build core strength.

Speaking of rehab, check out this feature about Sunny featured over at the Tripawds Foundation!

Sunny swimming for the first time at GVR.

Sunny swimming for the first time at GVR.

Wednesday will be Sunny’s one month mark since his surgery.  It’s crazy to think it has already been that long, but we couldn’t be happier.

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Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

Today we are celebrating!  Today marks the two week anniversary of Sunny’s amputation.  He also slept through the night last night, ate almost his full diet today, and took all his meds!  That alone would be worth celebrating.  I’m optimistic we are turning the corner in terms of getting over the initial post surgery hump.  I have been working with animals for my entire career they never fail to amaze me.


I also want to give a huge shout out to the Maggie Moo Fund for Tripawd Rehab! They covered the cost of Sunny’s first visit to GA Veterinary Rehabilitiation, Fitness & Pain Management (GVR) with Dr. Bailey.  You will see his feature on the Tripawds blog next week.  The support and guidance we have received from the Tripawds community has been amazing.  I’ve always felt animal people are some of the best people out there and this just once again proves it.  Thank you!

Sunny's on his last day as a quadruped prior to surgery.

Sunny on his last day as a quadruped prior to surgery.

One Week!

We made it!  We are now one week post surgery.  Today was a busy day for Sunny.  Last night he did not sleep all that well.  Sunny was up on and off all night and a result so was I.  I’m honestly not sure why this is at this point since I don’t think it is related to pain.  During the day he is able to sleep and doesn’t seem bothered so it only seems to be at the ideal times of between midnight and 4 am. Lucky us!

Today we had our first appointment at Georgia Veterinary Rehabilitation and Pain Management (GVR) with Dr. Bailey.  We really like that place.  One of our other dogs, Sweeney, went there following back surgery and it was amazing the difference it made in terms of his recovery.  Dr. Bailey said overall he looks like he is doing well on just three legs.  She gave us a list of exercises we can start at home now.  Starting in June he will go weekly to do some swimming.  The main goal there is to build up his core strength.  We may also try some acupuncture on his hips once he starts sleeping on both sides.  Currently he is not sleeping on the side where his leg was amputated.  At this point we mostly need to wait for his incision to continue healing  and the sutures to come out.  We are also starting him on two new homeopathic pain medications, one related to soft tissue pain and the other related to nerve pain, to see if that helps him in terms of sleeping at night.  Dr. Bailey suggested what we are seeing at night may be related to the tramadol.  We also discussed putting him on Gabapentin, however I’m personally not sure if we need to go that far.  Dr. Bailey told us she has seen dogs with similar behavior and Gabapentin has not helped where the homeopathic options have.  Thus, we will try them first.  Overall though, today’s visit was helpful in terms of gauging where Sunny is in his overall recovery and fitness.

Sunny relaxing at GVR.

Sunny relaxing at GVR while Dr. Bailey examines him.

Sunny also received mail today!  He will be sporting his new bandanna very soon. Currently he is sleeping since today was the most active day he has had since his surgery.  Thanks again to everyone at Tripawds!  You have been an invaluable resource.  Dr. Bailey also made sure to mention how awesome you guys are today and wanted to make sure I was aware of your site.

Sunny's mail.

Sunny’s mail.

Later tonight after dinner we will celebrate Sunny’s one week ampuversary with peanut butter Kong’s.  🙂


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