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Tapering Down

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This morning we were up bight and early for a few reasons.  First and for most Sunny needed his tramadol at 6:15 am, but I also wanted to get him into the vet first thing to beat the Saturday rush.  Since our vet opens at 8 am on Saturday it unfortunately didn’t make sense to go back to bed no matter how much I wanted too.  Overall Sunny has been taking his medications slightly better today.  We have used cheese, wet dog food, and canned pumpkin.  At this point I am rotating methods frequently to try and keep his suspicions down.  I also want to try and introduce pill pockets again since they worked so well for so long.  Overall, last night he slept pretty well although he still insist on getting up for at least a few minutes around 2 am.  Last night as I was sitting there looking at my iPad while petting him around 2:30 am and all I could think of was the last time I was up this late was probably in my 20’s during my party days.  Oh how things have changed.

When we got to the vet everyone in the office had to see how Sunny was doing.  It was our first time at our regular vet since he had his amputation.  We are lucky enough that we have been visiting the same practice and seeing the same vets for the past 7 years so everyone knows our dogs well.  As soon as we got into see Dr. Porter she said exactly what I knew she would say.  That the suture that came untied was ok and wouldn’t be a problem.  I figured this would be the case, but I also knew that since it was the weekend if I didn’t take him in it would come undone tomorrow when no one is open.  Dr. Porter also said his incision looked great.  When I told her it had been 10 days she said lets take some out.  So we took out every other stitch.  The reaming stitches will just stay in next week just to be safe since he is on the older side.  That said we saw and immediate improvement in Sunny’s attitude just by removing half of them.  So many people from Tripawds said this would make a difference and boy were they right!

We also discussed Sunny’s medication and she also felt given how well overall he seems to be doing that we could discontinue the Rimadyl.  He had his last dose this morning around 11 am.  Dr. Bailey at GVR told me the same thing Wednesday, but I can’t help but worry.  I know the only way to tell if they continue to need it is to stop.  She also suggested that we may be able to start tapering the tramadol back from three times a day to only two since he is also on the t-relief.   That would be a huge improvement since it would allow me to return to work.  Right now my plan is to wait until Monday to begin tapering that back since I want to make sure there is a sufficient time to see if he is ok without the Rimadyl.  I just don’t want to cut too much at once.

When we got home Sunny was more active than he has been.  He even went and found his ball for the first time since his surgery!  Great signs all around.  He spent most of the afternoon sleeping which wasn’t too surprising given all the morning activity.  This evening we also continued to do his physical therapy exercises at home.  Last but not least for the first time this afternoon we saw him laying down on the side of his amputation!  It was only for about 10 minutes, but still.  Either way it is clear we are really starting to make some progress.

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  1. That is great news! Sunny is a champ! I didn’t taper Buddy’s meds until the 2 week mark. It’s amazing how quickly the get back to themselves. You are in the homestretch!

    Julie and Sweet Angel Buddy

    • You are so right. He will stay on the tramadol through at least the two week mark and we will continue the t-relief for some time beyond that into June to help with any lingering pain. Our rehab vet is also ok with continuing the tramadol as needed. They are very big on its better to give it than not.

  2. So much to celebrate!! Sunny playing ball…getting some.stitches out…resting comfortably…laying on amp. site…YAAAAAAAAAY FOR SUNNY!! 🙂 🙂

    Btw, my Happy Hannah didn’t lay on her surgery site for almost FIVE WEEKS!

    Wonderful milestones going on in Sunny’s world! Keep ’em coming!!


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    • Indeed! I really can’t wait to get him out of the cone as I know that will also help considerably. We both thought maybe the Rimadyl was causing some of his odd behavior so it will be interesting to see how he does as it begins to flush out of his system.

  3. Great news! Glad Sunny is doing so well.

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